Loucas' attention to detail, his encouragement, and knowledge of my needs have led to great results in the time I have been working with him.Loucas is a personal trainer who truly cares for his clients and puts their interests and needs first. The studio is great with its upscale and personal setting. Small so that trainers and class teachers can really give you personal attention, yet fully equipped with the latest and best equipment. Always clean, neat and well organized. The owners are always in attendance, ensuring that all clients are fully satisfied.

– Alan, Glen Cove


I have had numerous trainers over the years and Loucas is by far the best...dedicated, knowledgeable, and great to be with. He makes training fun and productive. He is the best of the best!

– Peter, Glen Cove


I have been extremely impressed with Loucas as a trainer. With my many injuries, he continually has demonstrated his knowledge of the body and ability to modify training to fit my physical limitations.  I appreciate that he challenges himself to learn and further his education to be the best that he can be.  I think he is excellent and the best trainer I have ever had.  For anyone with physical issues, Loucas is awesome!

– Lois, Glen Cove


I have been training with Loucas for the past five years. I had worked with several trainers before meeting him and Loucas has proved to be the consummate professional. He is conscientious, caring, and dedicated to helping his clients reach their personal goals, while continually working to improve his own skills. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Loucas to anyone that I know.

– Ilene, Brookville


It has been a great experience working with Loucas. His extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition, combined with his sincere dedication and constant motivation, have allowed me to achieve all of my fitness goals! He genuinely cares about all of his clients and is determined to make a difference. I would highly recommend Loucas to anyone who is interested in personal training!

– Lindsay, Glen Cove


The most amazing, fun. demanding, and knowledgable trainer I have ever had the honor of being trained by!!

– Brenda, Glen Head


I have been training with Loucas for over 2 years. When i started with him I was 380 pounds. Throughout the last two years I was able to transform myself by losing 190 pounds reaching a weight goal of 190. Not only did Loucas help me get the weight off correctly but he has taught me how to maintain a stable diet and eat correctly. I have learned a lot from him and could never thank him enough. He really knows what he is doing.

– Shawn, Glen Cove


Brian is by far the best personal trainer with whom I have ever worked! When I was battling a sports-related injury, he created targeted exercise routines to help me achieve my fitness goals. Now, I am running at the high level I had maintained before the injury. Brian has become an integral part of my approach towards wellness. He constantly challenges me with innovative fitness regiments along with instructing healthy dietary choices. Brian is also very motivating which is why I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their individual level of fitness.

– Ryan, Glen Cove


I've never been in better shape since training with the owner and nicest guy, Loucas, and Spinning 4-5x weekly with his wife and owner, Audra who is the sweetest. Not only are they nice and sweet, they know how to train....focus is on your form and mixing up the exercises so it never gets boring or routine. This is the first time ever that I've truly committed to a lifestyle of fitness....I always want to show up for my training sessions which was not the case prior. Feel free to ask me for a reference.....see me Tues and Thursday at 7am or come to a spin class...I'm there almost every evening.

– Ellen, Brookville



After living a very active life, about 4 years ago I unfortunately had a severe accident which required 2 surgeries on my foot and intensive physical therapy. After therapy, I still had no balance, energy or strength. About 7 months ago, I started training with Brian and he enabled me to do things I thought, after my accident, were not possible. Now, I have lost inches gained during the period of inactivity and my balance and strength are better than before. I strongly feel that Brian has the knowledge and genuine interest in helping his clients be their best.

– Barbara, Locust Valley


 Brian is a great trainer as well as a great motivator – he is constantly pushing me in order for me to exceed my expectations of strength and endurance. He is also a great listener – Brian understands my personal goals but is careful not to push me past my physical threshold. Overall, Brian has a first-class professional attitude and possesses great discretion when it comes to the goals of his clients.

– Jennifer, Glen Cove


I am truly grateful for having met Brian a couple of years ago and begin training with him then. When I decided I needed to start training again, there was no doubt I would come to Brian here at Core Fitness Studios. Not only is he a fantastic personal trainer, he is a great person and I absolutely love training with him. Between his knowledge of the industry and confidence in my abilities, I am guaranteed results with each training session. For me, he's the best and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

– Rosemary, Glen Cove


I LOVE working out at Core Fitness!
Everyone there (staff and clients) are all so friendly and supportive! I've been working with Brian for almost a year and am so pleased with the results I've seen so far. Not only do I see a difference in how all my clothes fit but I feel stronger and much more energetic! Brian is well educated (all the trainers are) and always tailors each challenging workout to my fitness level while keeping any bodily limitations into account.
Brian changes each workout to challenge my body and certainly keeps it from getting boring! Since Core Fitness is a private training studio it creates a more comfortable atmosphere for serious workouts. I honestly can't see going back to working out in a "regular" gym! I am so pleased with everything that I've happily recommended to them to many others!

– Dayna, Glen Cove


Not only is Loucas an excellent trainer but Core Fitness has to be the cleanest gym in history. They are very focused to your goals and I highly recommend them.

– John, Brookville


We are very fortunate to have this training facility in our area.  The staff is extremely professional and dedicated to their clients and profession.  They know how to help you achieve goals that you did not think were possible.

– Alyssa, Bayville


I love Core Fitness! I found it three months ago and have been a loyal client ever since. I have lost close to 20 pounds since joining!! The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming and the owners are so personable. They really care about their clients health and well-being. Spin Class is so much fun. I have never sweat like this in any other spin class. You have to check this place out and meet Audra and Loucas! You won't be sorry!

– Deena, Glen Cove


Fantastic gym with great classes. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and keep the clients form and safety in mind while working toward achieving their goals. Spotless gym. Love this place!!

– Joscelyn, Glen Cove


Great gym/fitness studio. The staff is very friendly and personable, and the place is well-orgnanized and very clean. Good clientele, too. Loucas, the owner of the Core Fitness Studios, has been very beneficial to my fitness routine and to my life in general, and he is very good at what he does. Thanks to his well curated workouts, I have kept off twenty pounds since 2009 and am a pull up master! This place is not your typical gym where you can just hop on a treadmill or use machines. It is more of a personal training studio where you make appointments to have sessions with personal trainers. You can also sign up for fitness classes that take place downstairs in the basement area; there are Spin, Zumba, and TRX Suspension Training classes. I haven't experienced any of these classes but have heard nothing but positive feedback. I highly recommend Core Fitness Studios to anyone who is looking for workouts with personal attention and with a good trainer-client relationship. I am very glad to have known Loucas for quite some time and I hope this gym continues to thrive. Worth every penny!

– Alex, Oyster Bay











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